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Born and raised on Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts, I began taking pictures at the age of five, when I was given a Polaroid for my birthday. Since then, I have always known that I wanted to be a photographer (though there was a brief period in third grade when I wanted to be an astronaut).

In 2004, I graduated from Boston University with a degree in photojournalism, and immediately began my career at the Boston Herald. Until leaving in 2007, I was lucky to photograph the 2004 presidential election and the World Series, with a broad range of other events throughout New England. I eventually left the newspaper to pursue my love of documenting people, and in 2010 focused a large part of my career on weddings, having now been a part of hundreds of celebrations over the past several years.

Often I’m asked about my photographic style; I say that my goal is to be invisible. Capturing a person's moment of greatest joy always makes a powerful impression on me. Photography is not simply my profession; it is my passion. What I believe constitutes a great image is its transparency. When people view a well-composed photograph, they are able to experience the feelings of an exact moment frozen in time: a father hugging his daughter as he sends her to stand with her future husband, a mother cuddling her newborn, a couple who just announced to the world that they plan to share their lives together.

I currently live in Boston with my young daughter and my dog Lucy. Besides my love of photography, I play the bass and love to cook, return often to the Vineyard to see my family, and visit my brother Ryan in Brooklyn when I’m able (some of you may be lucky enough to meet him when he offers assistance as my second shooter).

Thank you again for viewing my work, and please contact me with any questions about my availability and work.




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